My Revelation

This is my second post today but I just had to write about this immediately, while it is fresh in my mind! As most people know I have been following a healthy eating plan that I made myself, which meant swapping to wholegrain foods and upping my consumption of “anti-anxiety” foods from this list. Today is Day 10 and something happened earlier that made the metaphorical light bulb flash above my head!

The anxious thoughts started up in my head, the knot in my stomach, clammy palms, shakiness and feeling of dread started to surface. I have these symptoms way too often for my liking but I know that they will pass. I had just made myself a cup of tea so I sat down with my cuppa and waited for the anxiety to pass, as it always does. This time my symptoms didn’t really build in strength like they normally do. I suppose you would describe them as “mild” and after only a minute or two they passed. I was pleasantly surprised, that hadn’t been bad at all, nothing like the more severe attacks I normally get.

And that was when it hit me.

When was the last time I had been hit by a strong wave of anxiety, the kind that I had been getting on an almost daily basis? I thought for a moment. Saturday, that was when. From Saturday onwards every time I have been hit by anxiety it hasn’t been as strong as usual and it hasn’t lasted as long.

Since starting my healthy eating plan I have noticed a few little changes. I have had a bit more energy and have been feeling slightly more upbeat and positive. But this latest development has shocked me. The severity and length of my anxiety attacks over the last few days has decreased! Is this a fluke, a one off and soon my attacks will strengthen again? Or is my healthy eating plan actually reducing my anxiety?! I’m only on to Day 10! I had hoped that changing my eating habits would help but I wasn’t expecting results like this so quickly.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Its only been four days but I can’t help feeling encouraged and excited by this. I guess time will tell. I would love to know your perspective on this. Am I getting my hopes up too early or do you think I’m right to be excited by this?

Hayley x


3 thoughts on “My Revelation

  1. This is excellent news, Hayley and long may it continue. I think you’re right to be cautious but also to compliment the changes you’ve made. Part of it could be a little mind over matter, but that’s fair enough as you’re getting results and clearly the better diet is making you feel a lot better and positive. Well done!!!

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