Moving forward

Yesterday I posted this summary of my second week on my healthy eating plan. Basically it went well, very well =) In only two weeks my anxiety has started to reduce and I feel generally healthier. I wasn’t expecting results this quickly, I wasn’t even sure it would work. But it is starting to work and I will be continuing now for the foreseeable future. After all if you find something that works, stick with it!

So that got me thinking about where to take the blog from here. I know that quite a few people were intrigued by the idea of reducing anxiety through healthy eating and many people have been following my progress. My next step is to make a guide so that anyone who would like to make their own anti-anxiety eating plan can. I’m also going to test and post a lot more recipes and make a recipe index =)

Those are my immediate plans but in the future I also want to add exercise and other practices such as meditation into the mix. Healthy eating is part of the puzzle but teamed with exercise it should hopefully reduce anxiety even further. The long term goal for this blog is to turn it into a useful resource for others suffering from anxiety and other mental health conditions such as depression. I’m starting to think that diet and exercise could be a hugely underrated part of recovery for mental health conditions. If my blog can help just one person, then I know that it is worthwhile! The long term goal for myself is to get off my anxiety medication. I know it will take a lot of time and determination but I’m sure I can do it!

So those are my plans. I would love to get your opinion, comment below if you have any ideas, questions or comments.

Thanks =)

Hayley x


9 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. Firstly I’m very proud of what you’ve achieved thus far. Well done!! Secondly, it sounds like you’re heading in the right direction, and not just with the blog. I do believe you’re right about exercise and diet is an important aspect of mental health, I’m sure your recipes and encouragement will help others, not just with anxiety but also some other mental health conditions. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Wow, great plans!

    I like the idea of incorporating the whole-life approach with exercise and other things as you progress. 🙂

  3. Hi Hayley

    I’m glad I found your blog! Stumbled across it having followed Finding Positive’s and his excellent blog. It’s fantastic what you are doing. You are obviously enjoying it which is great for your mental health, regardless of the actual food ingredients! I suppose what I mean is, trying to eat foods that might help your anxiety PLUS getting so much joy and positivity from it and means you are helping yourself from many different angles!!!

    The picture’s and recipe’s are brilliant and it’s inspired me in that I already am eating reasonably healthily but I’m not getting the enjoyment you are getting. I’m not creative enough and I need to actually get back to ENJOYING cooking and preparing food!

    And what a fantastic title for your blog / twitter. Calm Kitchen! Love it.


  4. Hi Hayley, I tried to DM you this so it doesn’t put you under as much pressure as posting on your blog might. But DM’s were playing up, Also I can’t see your contact e-mail address on your blog? So sorry for communicating it this way.

    Do you ever go on I was wondering if you fancied doing a guest blog post on there about your endeavors re anxiety & diet. I don’t think we have had a blog on food yet? Your guest blog would then get tweeted out to all of @anxietyunited followers and that’s over 3,000 people!! You could plug your blog if so chose.

    No problem if you don’t fancy it. I just know there is a niche for you on there!!!! 🙂


    • Hi Alex =)

      Billy has set me up with a diet and nutrition category and added me as a blogger but I haven’t had a chance to write a post yet. I definitely will soon though! Just not sure what to write about lol! Any suggestions?

      Thank you for thinking of me! I’ll add an email address so its easier next time but I don’t mind you messaging me on here either =)

      Take care
      Hayley x

  5. Hi Hayley, c

    Chuffed you are considering a blog post for Anxiety United 🙂 and I hope you don’t feel under any pressure! You have your own blog to focus on. The Anxiety United site is getting a lot of blogs so you don’t need to feel all eyes will be on yours. I think the project you are doing on your blog is utterly fantastic and our readers would love to know about it.

    You can do the blog anyway you like. You could keep it short & simple and just highlight what you are trying to achieve with your blog or you could write something a bit longer.
    AND PLUG IT DON’T FORGET (IF YOU WANT, UP TO YOU!) as I would love Anxiety United’s readers to see your recipes and all the photo’s from your blog! But that’s your call.

    You can make your blog as personal to your own anxiety and struggles with anxiety as you wish, or you can keep it less personal and just focus on the actual recipes and ideas if you feel more comfortable doing that.

    Happy to chat it through further if needed. Absolutely no pressure. If it doesn’t happen, don’t worry! And take your time 🙂 Alex

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