Is there a more intelligent word for blah?

I find myself sitting here wondering “What the is the best way to start this post?”. I might as well just get to the point, I’ve had a couple of “blah” days and yesterday I went AWOL, basically I vanished from the blog and twitter. What do I mean by blah? I need a more intelligent word for it, if you think of one let me know! I mean a day when you can’t get motivated, feel lethargic and the whole day passes you by. Suddenly its evening and all you have accomplished is watching hours of daytime TV and reading a big chunk of your new book. That in itself isn’t so bad but when you have been unable to shake the lethargic and slightly gloomy mood that you woke up with, it feels like nothing has been accomplished. What is making me feel like this? I wish I could answer that but I can’t put my finger on it. Today I have felt more upbeat, I went shopping with my mam and had coffee and I feel more “myself”.

The more pressing matter though is that I owe a lot of people an apology. On Twitter on Thursday I said that I was having a “blah” day and didn’t feel myself. I then disappeared without explanation on Friday… I really didn’t think that through! I know that a couple of people were wondering if I was ok and I cannot apologize enough! I should have posted a message saying I was having an offline day and I will do that in the future. I have met some wonderful people through Twitter and if it had been the other way around I would have wondered if they were ok, if they had been taken ill or if they had just taken a break to clear their head. I will be keeping an eye on my “blah” days in the future and will be talking it through with my therapist when I next see him, as I haven’t felt like that before. My anxiety normally makes me feel tense or nervous on my bad days but yesterday I just felt… empty. Like my brain was a laptop and I had pressed the “delete all” button.

So to finish I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who is reading this, thank you for taking a moment to read my ramblings.

And to the people on Twitter, particularly @FindPositives and @vickymummyrc, thank you for caring and hope you both recover from your colds very soon!

Hayley x



5 thoughts on “Is there a more intelligent word for blah?

  1. I’m not going to Like this post – not because I think it is a bad blog entry, I don’t think that at all, but because you have nothing to apologise for. I too call them Blah Days, and having suffered from them I know you don’t see them coming (nor ending!) and just can’t be bothered to do anything – including trying to explain anything to people you know would be willing to help you… because on a Blah Day you don’t even want help. Next time I have a Blah Day I have promised myself to go out for a walk, no matter what the weather is! If I have to go sit in a coffee shop on my own, I will do it just to break the blah!!

    P.S. Welcome back… you already know you were missed. 🙂

    • Thank you for the support =) The thing that bothers me is when I have a bad day I feel tense, edgy, nervous. Not the way I was feeling yesterday, I was just gloomy and tired but I couldn’t shake it. I’ll mention it to my therapist on Monday.

  2. My “like” is an empathy like. I know how you feel. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone or an apology, but I get that too.

    Blah is good to describe it. I use blue, lije having the blues.

    ((hugs)) to you and hope you are feeling better

    • Thank you =) I’m feeling a lot better today.

      The thing that bothers me is I haven’t had “the blues” or anything like this before, I normally get tense or anxious. I’ll mention it at counselling on Monday I guess.

      Thank you for the support *hug* =)

      • Oh, I am glad you are going to counseling then! My first instinct is to hide with my depression, which is why I started the blog originally. Didn’t matter if anyone else read it, but I would have a record of “something”.

        Take care of yourself 🙂

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