Lets go on an adventure!

I watched a great film last week; The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry I won’t give away any spoilers. Basically its about a guy who daydreams but has a pretty boring life. Then one day an issue at work throws him into an epic adventure! Its one of those feel good, life affirming films and the message is a great one; There’s no greater adventure than living your life!

walter mitty

 Watching the movie really made me want an adventure of my own! The problem is I don’t do planes, not anymore, so going anywhere abroad would mean more planning and getting a ferry or going through the Channel Tunnel. The other thing is… Travelling terrifies me! But its still something I want to do and I’ll just have to start small I guess! Speaking of which… Next month I’m going to a caravan park an hours drive away. Well you can’t start much smaller than that! 😉

So here are a few places on my travel bucket list, although I add to it all the time!

  •  Nepal: I have a dream of going to Nepal and meditating with the monks on top of a mountain! You can laugh (and you probably will!) but I think it would be an incredible experience and judging from photos I’ve seen, the scenery is stunning!
  • Italy: I don’t really care where in Italy, I just want to go. If nothing else, just for the amazing food!
  • Ireland: Both Northern Ireland and Republic. When I do get around to leaving the country I imagine this will be the first place I go, purely because it is the closest!
  • Iceland: This one is down to Walter Mitty! Plus I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights!
  • Isla-Spain: I have actually already been there but I would love to go back! Isla is very traditional and it is a beautiful place, I went with my school when I was 13 so we could practice our spanish. The downside is I will definitely have to brush up on my spanish before going back! It isn’t a touristy area so not many people speak english, you need to know at least basic spanish  to get by.

I could go on and on, there are so many beautiful countries in the world but I’ll leave it there for now. I hope to go to at least a couple of these places in my lifetime but I know it take a lot of work! For now, I guess I just keep trying to reduce my anxiety and take little steps. Do you have a list of places you would love to visit? Feel free to comment below, I love comparing dream destinations!

Take care,

Hayley x


2 thoughts on “Lets go on an adventure!

  1. Hi! I really love this places that you dream about… The only thing I wonder about, why do you set the challenges even before you started?

    You don’t do plains, you don’t speak Spanish… I know that anxiety is an evil little thing but you really shouldn’t let it stop you in advance!

    I went on a plain to Belgium and had a huge panic attack on it, i literally threw up 7 times in a 1,5h flight, I cried like a baby, almost fainted several times and in the meantime pretended to be ok so that nobody notices I’m a mess. But when I actually came to Belgium, I had the best vacation of my life!

    I’m so happy that I didn’t let my anxiety and panic stop me from having such a great time and neither should you, I bet it’ll all be worth it once you sit somewhere on a beach in Spain and drink piña coladas! 🙂

    My major travel plan? I know this’ll be funny to you, but I want to do a UK tour. I was never in the UK but dreamt about London, Brigton and Edinburgh since I was a little kid. As soon as I have some spare money, I’m gonna take a month free for a UK tour! 😀

    • Hi Maja, thank you for your comment =)

      I can speak spanish but its been a while so I will need to practice before going back to Isla. With the planes, it got to the point that I spent the entire holiday thinking about getting back on the plane so I didn’t enjoy myself. There are other ways to travel so I’m not planning on putting myself under that kind of stress again anytime soon. Boats, trains and buses for the moment =)

      Its not funny, that sounds cool! I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been to any of those places and I live here! Brighton and Edinburgh are on my ever growing list though =)

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