Little steps for May

Summer is just around the corner! I’m really looking forward to it. Before I say what this months Little Steps are, here are last months steps.

  1. Start a dream diary. Annoyingly now that I am trying to take note of my dreams, I seem to be getting them less often and I can’t remember them very well. So this Little Step hasn’t gone well…
  2. Build up my confidence at work. I’ve done several shifts now and I’m settling into my new routine =)
  3. Find time to relax! This step has gone pretty well! I have been trying to make time each day to sit back and relax for a little while =)

So my Little Steps for May are:

  1. Enjoy my holiday! I’m going away to a caravan park for a week and I’m determined to enjoy myself!
  2. Drink plenty of fluids. This was a Little Step a couple of months ago and I want to focus on it again. I need to make sure I stay hydrated!

Its just the two steps this month… The first one is a big one! What are your Little Steps this month?

Hayley x


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