Feeling patchy

My blogging and tweeting has been patchy over the last couple of weeks and I feel I should explain. I know that many of you will probably say that I don’t need to explain and that makes me want to even more! I have found an incredible amount of support, understanding and companionship online so I really want to keep you guys up to date. There are 3 main reasons for my recent patchiness;

  1. My laptop- Yes the laptop that I sent away for a few days to get fixed. Well guess what? Yep, it isn’t actually fixed… It is usable now but there must be an underlying problem and its a bit temperamental!
  2. Work- As of last week I’m currently doing 2 part time jobs and I love them both =) But obviously they leave me with much less free time to blog and tweet. Which leads on to the 3rd reason…
  3. Exhaustion!- I admit I feel a bit confused by this. Before my anxiety got really bad and I had to leave my job I was working 30+ hours a week. Its been 10 months since then. Now I’m working way less than that but its really tiring me out! Which is good because I’m sleeping properly for the 1st time in months but bad because I feel like I’m running out of energy really easily!

Reason 3 has been on my mind a lot the last couple of days. Is it normal? Do I just need to build my stamina up? If you have experienced something like this then please comment below =)

I’m going to do my best to get the tweeting and blogging back to normal over the next few weeks. Although that said, I am going away for a week during the May school holidays but I’ll try to arrange something so that I’m not completely silent! I’m equally excited and scared about my little holiday at the moment but that is a whole blog post in itself, which I will post sometime this week =)

Take care,

Hayley x


4 thoughts on “Feeling patchy

  1. Life happens! I am glad you are feeling good enough to take on the positions and get out there.

    No worries; we are here whenever you are and totally understand.


    • At the moment my energy levels aren’t jumping about but seem to be staying low and I’m tiring out fast. I’ll get there, I just need to adapt and get my stamina back up I guess. Thank you =) x

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