Counting down the days

Today I’m at the point when I am equally excited and nervous about going on holiday during Whit Week. It will be the first time I have gone away since 2012. Last summer was horrific, I was pale, gaunt, I had lost about 16lbs over a few months, I was constantly shaky and nervous, had daily panic attacks and it felt like my life was falling to pieces all around me. I was signed off work and later resigned as I decided I was in no fit state to look after children. My family were horrified that I walked away from the job that I had loved and they gave me the cold shoulder for days. It was the lowest I have ever felt and I knew I had hit rock bottom. I made my mantra “I have hit rock bottom, I can’t go any lower, the only way is up!”

I am in a much better place now. It took a lot of work to get here and I know I deserve this holiday! I desperately need a break and I am looking forward to it but at the same time I’m really nervous. How will I handle being away from home? Will a change of scenery be helpful or not? At this point I should probably say that I’m only going to a caravan park 2 hours north of here. Its not like I’m getting on a plane and going to the other side of the world! But still the nerves are there, I just need to work through them.

This may sound silly but the main thing I’m thinking about right now is what to do with the blog and twitter while I’m away. I could probably do with a break from them (particularly twitter) but I don’t want them to be completely silent for the whole week. So I have a question for my fellow bloggers; What do you do when you go on holiday? Do you schedule posts and tweets? I would love to hear from you =)

So for now I’m planning loads of fun things to do while I’m at the caravan and hopefully I’ll come back feeling refreshed… Fingers crossed! =)

Hayley x


7 thoughts on “Counting down the days

  1. I’ve done both. That is I’ve scheduled posts and accompanying social media, and I’ve also left it all blissfully behind. I mean, it isn’t as though it won’t be here when you return, you know?

    Good luck, I hope things go well for you whatever you decide!

    • Thanks Ruby =)

      I’m not sure what to do, I’m going Monday-Sunday so maybe schedule 1 post about Thursday so I’m not silent for the whole week?

      I’ve got a few days to decide anyway =)

  2. Hope you have a lovely time. I don’t blog but if i were you I’d go with the flow and see how you feel while your away. I guess I’m saying don’t put any pressure on yourself and enjoy it, you deserve too xx

    • Thanks =) I’m not going to blog while I’m away, thinking of scheduling a post midweek but I might drop in on Twitter now and again. I’m leaving the laptop at home, unplug myself for a few days lol!

      Take care x

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