No one can take my positivity away

I’m guessing most people reading this will be aware of the nastiness going around Twitter the past week. It was all focused on one person because some people didn’t like what he was saying. I am of course talking about Jase from Finding Positives. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, is it really necessary to attack someone because their opinion is different to yours? I have often praised the Twitter mental health community but the last few days I have seen the ugly side. Jase has had to leave Twitter and his blog for the sake of his health, we are supposed to SUPPORT each other!

Jase has been an incredible source of support for me. We started our blogs at the same time and he was the first person on Twitter that I would call a friend. I wouldn’t be at this point in my recovery if it wasn’t for him being there to listen and cheer me on! He has helped me find the little positives that we normally overlook and you know what? I feel great for it!

I was going to express my anger and sadness that Jase has been forced out of our community in this blog post but that would be a negative. It would also be an insult to everything Jase has taught me and everything he stood for. So here are 7 positives that Jase and Finding Positives has helped me see.

  1. There are positives all around us. We just need to look for them. It could be as simple as sunshine, clothes to wear, food to eat or a roof over our heads. Its the little things we take for granted.
  2. You are never alone. Jase tweeted that to me shortly after we met and I had tweeted something along the lines of “Is anyone still up or am I alone?”. There is always someone somewhere in the world who is in a similar situation. You are never truly alone with your problems.
  3. Everyone has their own opinion. Yes that is a positive, the world would be pretty boring if everyone had one opinion!
  4. Positivity is about drawing experience from negatives. Bad things happen. That is life. But if we can find a way to grow from what has happened then we have turned it into a positive.
  5. Positivity is also about the little things. I got out of bed this morning instead of lying there worrying. That’s a positive! You convinced yourself to get dressed when you didn’t have the motivation to do anything? Another positive! Especially with mental health its the little battles that matter.
  6. Humor can help. I’m not saying that laughing will solve world hunger or cure cancer but sometimes there is nothing better than having a joke and banter to lift your mood. To make me giggle on Twitter all you need to say is “Tangerine bikini!”… Its a long story!
  7. No one can take your beliefs away from you. If you are a believer in positivity no one can take it away from you apart from maybe yourself. Whether you believe in positivity or not, that is your belief, yours to own and no one can steal it from you!

There you have it. To finish I just want to say thank you for reading and Jase if you can see this, thank you for everything! Missing you already, please stay in touch!

Take care,

Hayley x


7 thoughts on “No one can take my positivity away

  1. Thank you for posting this. My post on this situation in general would be anything BUT positive, which I know doesn’t help.

    I am fed up with the internet in general though (this is just one thing of many).

    • Oh believe me this blog nearly went in a completely different direction but that wouldn’t have helped anyone.

      Sorry to hear that, I know the feeling. You know you can always DM me if you want to chat right?

      Take care x

  2. Well said Hayley! I feel like positive thinking and the things Jase stood for have been misunderstood. Positive thinking is meant to inspire hope and motivation. It is not a solution, nor is it meant to mask the feelings we have. I am a firm believer in acknowledging your feelings. Positive thinking is a tool that is there for us to use (or not) when it is helpful to do so.

    • Exactly! Unfortunately some people refuse to consider any point that isn’t their own. I wish there was something I could have done to stop the namecalling and bullying =(

      Thanks for commenting =)

      Take care,
      Hayley x

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear this Hayley. I didn’t know what has happened as not been on twitter much but I did see some comments about his blog the other day which i have to say is the only blog of Jase’s i didn’t agree with. However i respected his right to an opinion and really feel for him if he has been bullied off of twitter. If you do hear from him give him my love pls. Xxx

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