Positive Protest

Anyone who read this post yesterday will know that a valued member of our Twitter Mental Health community was forced to leave, for the sake of his health because of bullying. He is greatly missed already by many of us and I wasn’t willing to sit back and forget about this! I want to carry on Jase’s hard work so I have stripped it back to the basics: There are positives all around us. You don’t believe me? Have you got a roof over your head? Food in your stomach? There you go, two positives! A lot of people in the world don’t have those two things!

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to #positiveprotest! I’m trying to keep this post short so here is what you need to know:

  • #positiveprotest is all about sharing one positive a day on Twitter using that hashtag. The idea is to look for one genuine positive, not to turn everything into a positive. This can be anything from the smell of clean clothes to a relaxing day at the beach!
  • Use the hashtag to compare positives with others, RT and share if you want to.
  • There is no obligation to post a positive everyday. Drop in and out as often as you like, its supposed to be fun!
  • I have made a blog badge and a Twitter cover, if anyone would like to display them let me know and I will email them to you. Again, no obligation!
  • What does the protest part stand for? The fact that a genuinely lovely person was forced to abandon his Twitter and Blog. That should never have happened!

I think thats pretty much all you need to know but if anyone has any questions feel free to post them below =) It starts today and I would love it if you joined us!

Ooo one more thing! Here is a the blog badge I made:


So if Jase from Finding Positives happens to be reading this I have only one thing left to say: “I finally have something tangerine!” =D ^^^^^

Take care,

Hayley x



5 thoughts on “Positive Protest

  1. I’m glad you’re taking this situation and finding a worthwhile outlet for yourself and hopefully more people. I am beyond impressed with your poise and your outlook. Please keep care of yourself and be well.


    • Thank you =)

      I’m gutted Jase has gone and figured I had 2 options;

      1. Go on a rant, which wouldn’t help the situation at all
      2. Stay calm and try to do something positive.

      You can see which option I chose lol! Hope you are well and your sciatica is improving x

      • You made a wise, very wise choice. If you want to talk more please feel free to email me at blogformentalhealth@gmail.com — that’s completely my private account. If not, no worries, I’ve just seen a lot go down in my more than four years blogging, maybe a chat would help, I dunno.

        He may just be taking a break, which I think would be wise for him to do no matter what his ultimate choice. But I’m proud of you, and I’m sure Jase would be/will be/is as well. ♥

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