Little steps for June

May seems to have passed by in a blur! Here are the little steps that I set myself for May:

  1. Enjoy my holiday! I’m going to write a proper post about this soon but I did enjoy myself =)
  2. Drink plenty of fluids. I have been trying to remember to drink extra fluids, some days have gone better than others but I’m getting there!

So these are the steps I have decided to set myself for June:

  1. Make a proper page for my bucket list. In this post I made myself a bucket list to help me overcome my anxiety. I want to make a page for it so I can add to it whenever I want =)
  2. Keep working on my bucket list. I have successfully completed 2 things on my list and I want to keep working on it! See how many I can do by the end of June! =)
  3. Keep my sleep routine going! I’m finally making progress with my sleep pattern now that I am working again! I hope to keep going to sleep early and waking up at a decent time on my days off as I feel its doing me a lot of good!

Those are by little steps this month, what are yours?

Take care,

Hayley x


2 thoughts on “Little steps for June

  1. I’m breaking my goals up by week with a challenge hosted by Green Embers. Hopefully it works out for me!

    I like your goals, and I am very glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday!

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