Ticking off: Zentangles

One of the goals on my bucket list was to have a go at drawing zentangles. The lovely Somber Scribbler inspired this one, you can read her post explaining zentangles here. Basically a zentangle is a form of structured drawing using repetitive patterns. I have also heard it referred to as drawing meditation and it is said to be very relaxing.

I had a few goes at drawing a zentangle in pencil a couple of weeks ago. It took a bit of practice, I’m terrible at drawing but I did enjoy it so I ordered a set of micron pens. Zentangles are “inked” with a micron pen after they have been drawn in pencil. I could have just said “I drew a zentangle, tick it off the list!” but I wanted to finish it properly, so I waited until my pens came. Unfortunately they took 10 days to arrive, so sorry for the delay! In the meantime I was practicing patterns from Pinterest so I decided to scrap my drafts and make a new zentangle to ink. Here it is, my first proper zentangle =)

2014-06-21 17.53.18

It’s not perfect but it genuinely is really relaxing to do, especially with the right pens! At one point it felt like I had gone into a kind of trance but it was really calming! I’ll definitely keep tangling =)

Take care,

Hayley x



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