What is important?

A couple of days ago Somber Scribbler wrote this post. In it she talks about a question her psych set as homework and asked how we would answer. The question is; What is important to you? But there are conditions. It has to be what you want for yourself , it can’t include other people (such as, my family’s happiness is important to me). It also shouldn’t be based on what other people think (such as, the way other people view me is important to me) or what you think should be important (my career should be important to me).

I was kind of surprised how quickly my answer popped into my head! I went through the above conditions and realized that it did count, so I wrote a somewhat rushed reply to Somber Scribbler and then went to work. Thing is though, the question has been rattling around in my head ever since… So here is my full (IE not rushing to get to work!) answer =)

It is important to me that I keep tackling my anxiety. I want to do it for myself, not my family or friends (although there is that too.) I want to do it for myself for several reasons. I want to prove to myself that I can do it. That I can be strong and reduce my anxiety so that it doesn’t rule my life. I want to be able to do things without over thinking or worrying to the point that I don’t enjoy it. I want to travel, explore, laugh and love! We only get one shot at life and I don’t want to keep holding myself back. But the most important thing to me is this: When I’m old I want to look back and know that I didn’t waste my life being too afraid to do all the things I wanted to do!

That is what is important to me! Now that I have that one worked out (Thanks Somber Scribbler!) I know what I have to do… Keep going! =)

What is important to you?

Hayley x


4 thoughts on “What is important?

  1. That’s a great question – I read that very same post & got thinking. I think it may take me at least a few weeks to figure out the answer. It’s always hard to peel back the layers of social impositions xx

  2. Being here to find out “what’s next”. It sounds kind of dreary,but it comes down to that some days.

    I love your answer, good for you for knowing what you want and need!

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