Ticking off: Aromatherapy oils

I’m checking in to tick another thing off my anxiety bucket list. It was one of the easiest things on the list but little steps right? I wanted to try aromatherapy oils as a way to relax. I bought two bottles of oil, one is pure lavender oil, I can’t put it on my skin without diluting it so I’ve been adding a few drops to my bath. The other is a bottle of massage oil, its a blend of lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. I’ve been using both for a few days and here’s my verdict.

The lavender oil is great when added to a hot bath. I only needed a few drops, a little goes a long way, especially mixed with the steam from the bath. It smelt amazing and I could feel myself relaxing as I breathed the steam in. The bottle should last me a long time and I’ll definitely keep using it!

For the last few days I have been rubbing the massage oil into my shoulders. The smell of the oil is a bit overpowering but it takes me right back to my childhood! Why? It smells exactly like Vicks Vapour Rub (makes sense, eucalyptus oil was in that too!) and when I had a cold when I was little, my mam would rub it on my chest to help me breathe/sleep better. It smells quite strong but it works really well and its made the skin on my shoulders feel really soft! Its also great to use just before bed, the scent makes me sleepy! I’ll be continuing to use this one too!

I plan to keep using the oils and trying other ones too. Its really effective! Do you use aromatherapy oils? Which ones do you use?

Take care =)

Hayley x


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