Little steps for July

I’m pretty pleased with myself today because I realised that I completed all of last months Little Steps successfully! Here is a little reminder:

  1. Make a proper page for my bucket list. The page is here =)
  2. Keep working on my bucket list. I have completed another two this month and I’m working on a few more.
  3. Keep my sleep routine going! I wasn’t convinced that I would manage this one but I have so far =) Now that I’m finally in a routine I am getting to sleep so much faster at night!

I’m hoping that this months steps will go as smoothly as last months! I’ve been thinking about them the last few days and heres what I came up with:

  1. Start an exercise class. This is on my bucket list and I have chickened out of doing this a couple of times in the past. The difference now is that I have chosen a class with my friend and we are going together this Sunday =)
  2. Keep doing the core exercises. I have bought an exercise ball, some little weights and a book full of “core” exercises. The core is the stomach/abs/back area, which is what I want to work on. I’m aiming to practice my core exercises 3 times a week.
  3. Stay hydrated! I think this is the 3rd time this has been one of my little steps but its so important now that the weather is heating up! I’m going to make sure I drink lots of fluids, especially while I’m exercising!

Those are my goals for the month, what are yours? =)

Hayley x



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