Ticking off: Join an exercise class

Good evening =) I’m checking in to tick another item off my anxiety bucket list. I finally worked up the courage to join an exercise class! I had tried to do this a couple of times before but I chickened out. This time I chose a class with a friend and we went together. We chose cardio cycling.


The above photo really isn’t kidding… We thought it was just riding a bike, it isn’t! Halfway through the session I was dripping with sweat, totally out of breath and didn’t think I would be able to do the full hour. I did, just! We knew it would be hard because we hadn’t done it before but neither of us expected it to be so full on! My legs are already sore, can’t wait to see what I’ll be like in the morning lol! It was exhausting but we did both enjoy it and have decided to go again next week. Hopefully it will get easier after a few sessions…

So I’m ticking off my “Join an exercise class” goal and I’ll leave you with this photo that made me giggle earlier… Its very true!

Take care,

Hayley x



10 thoughts on “Ticking off: Join an exercise class

  1. Thank-you for the dinosaur image! So much fun. Here in the north motivation is avoiding being Fast Food for the bitting “blood bugs” or Meals on Wheels for the odd bear (just kidding, of course :-).) This Spring I discovered my motivation…. I read the blog for mental health while on my elipse machine!

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