My DIY ordeal

I know a lot of people on here have been having a tough week so I decided to share this story in the hope that it will give everyone a giggle! My parents are on holiday this week and I’m home alone. So naturally the smoke alarm chose this week to play up!

Yesterday morning the smoke alarm started beeping every 30 seconds, which means the battery is running low and needs changing. I searched all over the house and found a spare battery. So now all I had to do was get the cover off and swap the battery over, sounds simple right? The alarm is situated at the top of the stairs so I grabbed the step ladder and climbed up. I spent ages trying to get the cover off to no avail and it was then, balanced on a metal step ladder with bare feet at the top of a steep flight of stairs that I noticed the warning on the side of the smoke alarm cover: THIS ALARM IS HARDWIRED TO THE MAINS. TURN OFF THE POWER BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO REMOVE THE COVER.

I can assure you after reading that I let go of the alarm and got off the ladder pretty damn fast! I didn’t want to end up starring in an episode of “24 hours in A&E”!!! So I bailed and rang my dad who got my uncle to come and help me. Turns out the alarm is broken and something had snapped inside so my uncle removed the whole thing from the ceiling. My dad can sort that out when he gets back!

Well I was looking for a new skill to learn… Maybe basic DIY would be a good idea!!! I’m still putting some thought into it. If you have any suggestions comment below =)

Take care,
Hayley x


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