Self Esteem Challenge: Day 1

I wrote this post a few weeks ago about my poor self esteem. I came up with some little strategies to try to improve my self esteem and they are still on going. I came across the 30 Day Self Esteem Challenge devised by Better Than Dark Chocolate and decided that it might work well alongside the other strategies. I am doing the 2nd version of the challenge, you can view the original here.

Day 1: List 10 things that you love about yourself. (Physical or personality)

I’ve got to be honest, this took me a while. A couple of things came to mind but after that I got stuck. Never mind, I got there eventually! I love:

  1. My sometimes bizarre sense of humour.
  2. My eyes. Probably my best feature, they are very dark and have long lashes.
  3. My imagination, even though it does get the better of me sometimes.
  4. My ability to look for the bright side even when I had hit rock bottom.
  5. My enthusiasm in setting and achieving things on my bucket list.
  6. My height. I’m 5.7″ so no need to wear heels!
  7. My resilience. If I get knocked down five times I will stand up six times.
  8. My taste in music. I think “diverse” would be a good way to describe it!
  9. My creativity, whether its writing, blogging or crafting I love creating!
  10. My persistence. I will keep working at reducing my anxiety no matter what it takes.

5 thoughts on “Self Esteem Challenge: Day 1

    • Haha they can be a curse too, at school 1 teacher was always telling me to take my mascara off when I wasn’t wearing any. I had to prove I was telling the truth by rubbing a tissue across my lashes, it was a bit embarrassing!

      Good look with your challenge too, I hope it helps x

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