Self Esteem Challenge: Day 3

My last two posts have been quite short but when I saw the prompt for Day 3, I knew that this post would be more complicated…

Day 3: What is one fear or goal that you would like to conquer?

My first thought was “Yeesh where do I start!?” This entire blog is based on fears and goals! Yes there are some recipes and cooking/baking talk thrown in but the blog is mostly about my quest to reduce my anxiety. So I would say that my anxiety is the one thing that I would like to conquer but it isn’t that simple. My anxiety isn’t one thing or fear. Its a cauldron of fears, feelings, distortions and physical symptoms swirling around, constantly bubbling away in the background, ready to boil over at any time. Its complicated and hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves.

Instead I am going to say that the goal that I want to achieve is reducing my anxiety to a manageable level. I am getting there, today was a bad anxiety day (I am writing this post yesterday) but on a day to day basis I am so much better now than I was this time last year! I’m really happy with my progress and I intend to keep going! I don’t believe that anxiety is something that can be “conquered” completely, it can be reduced to the point that it doesn’t effect you very often but personally I think it will ever vanish altogether. I hope that didn’t sound too gloomy because I didn’t mean it to!

So that is my goal, whats yours?

Hayley x


One thought on “Self Esteem Challenge: Day 3

  1. I have anxiety issues too so I know how much it sucks ;( hmmmm my goal is to get really really good results for my examination in start of october! Check out my blog where I write to live. ❤ Lots of love and good job for the improvement. You are wonderful. I am improving myself as well as compared to last 2 months so WE CAN DO IT MUAHAHAHA

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