Self Esteem Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: What do you do to feel better when you’re having a bad day?

I suppose my answer to this question depends on what is meant by “Bad day”. If I’m having a day when everything seems to be going wrong, I try to cheer myself up by drinking tea, eating chocolate and watching blooper videos on Youtube =D

If I’m having a bad anxiety day then I try to distract myself. I have a whole list of ways to do that:

  • Make a cup of tea
  • Bake something
  • Go somewhere. Anywhere, even if its just the supermarket.
  • Watch videos of Youtube
  • Tidy/organize something
  • Go on Twitter
  • Watch a movie
  • Listen to music
  • Make something
  • Have a bath
  • Go in the garden
  • Blog
  • Read a book
  • Read a magazine

The list could go on and on but the aim is to distract myself from thinking about being anxious. Sometimes doing one of these things works straight away but other times I have to try a few before it works.

What do you do when you’re having a bad day? Interpret “Bad day” anyway you want =)

Take care,

Hayley x


5 thoughts on “Self Esteem Challenge: Day 4

  1. This is great, Hayley! I do this things where I stand up and clap my hands really loud and say, “No. I refuse to do this to myself. This anxiety does not serve me. I have faith that everything is turning out only for my good.” And then I usually change my environment, do something physical or take a small step toward my dreams and purpose.

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