Self Esteem Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: What are some obstacles that are preventing you from accomplishing your goals? What will you do to overcome them?

My biggest obstacle is my anxiety, no surprise there! In the past I have let anxiety take over and stop me from attending parties or enjoying things that I used to love. I am slowly fighting back now. I don’t want my whole life to pass by uneventfully because I was too afraid to actually live! So yes my anxiety is a pretty huge obstacle in my life but I’m taking it down, piece by piece 🙂

I’m using a combination of healthy eating, exercise, therapy, hobbies, relaxation techniques and setting goals to reduce my anxiety. At the moment I’m taking a lot of strength from completing items on my bucket list. It’s helping me to gain confidence in myself and loosen the grip that anxiety has over me. I keep reminding myself, little steps add up!

What is your greatest obstacle?

Take care,

Hayley x


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