Going loomy!

One of the items on my bucket list is “Learn a new skill”. I’m concentrating on that one now and I finally chose loom bands as my skill. If you live in the UK and know any children then you probably already know what loom bands are. They are little rubber bands that are connected using a loom board and hook to make bracelets, keychains, figures etc. Here are some of the ones I’ve made.

2014-07-15 17.13.07

2014-07-16 15.25.25


It is incredibly relaxing (once you’ve got the hang of it!) and I am really enjoying making loom band creations. But now I have a bit of an issue. I’m hoping you guys can help me with it…

How do I decide when I’ve completed the goal on my bucket list? I have made a few bracelets but I don’t want to say “There, I’ve made a couple of things so I’ve learnt a new skill. Next!” That would feel like a cop out to me. How do I decide when I have sufficiently learnt my new skill? When I complete a really difficult project? When I’ve made a certain number of things? I’m not at all sure what to do. So if you have a suggestion please comment below. I need your help =)

Take care,

Hayley x


4 thoughts on “Going loomy!

  1. I should probably admit here that I have seen those in different stores and have been very tempted to buy the kit. That may be over the line for me and “age appropriate” though 😉

    • Haha well I’m pretty sure I’m not the in the age demographic that its aimed at but I know a few adults who use loom bands. Its really relaxing once you get used to it!

  2. I just think it’s when you “feel” ready to move on. However if you want to know if you’ve really mastered something it’s usually when you are able to reach it to another xx

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