Self Esteem Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: Share about the last time you felt confident in yourself. Why did you feel that confident?

I’m not sure how to answer this question if I’m honest. I rarely feel confident, it doesn’t come easily to me. I can’t remember the last time I did something and went into it feeling completely confident, that’s just not me. So instead I’m going to tell you about the place that I feel most confident.

If you read my post a few days ago about my greatest achievement then you’ll know that I am a black belt in karate. I have trained in karate for 11 years, long before my anxiety started. When I was 14 and my anxiety surfaced, it felt like my whole life was changing. The one thing that stayed constant was karate. When I walked through the doors I could leave everything else behind, even if it was just for an hour. At karate I can be myself and I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, the black belt I wear around my waist is proof enough that I belong.

Take care,

Hayley x


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