Little steps for August

Before I explain this months little steps, here is how I did last month =)

  1. Start an exercise class. I did this and the write up is here
  2. Keep doing the core exercises. To be completely honest, I’ve messed up on this one. I’ve done my core exercises only once or twice. Must try harder!
  3. Stay hydrated! I have been drinking more water thanks to the hot weather so this one was a success =)

As Meatloaf sang “Two out of three ain’t bad” lol! I have a few little steps for this month so I hope to complete most of them…

  1. Write a list of personal Commandments I will explain this properly in another post but I have just finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Its a great book! Gretchen writes herself a list of Commandments to live by and I want to do the same =)
  2. Have a nice break In the middle of August I am going away for a few days with a friend. My last little holiday went well and I’m going back to the same place (renting my cousin’s caravan) with my friend S, who I’ve mentioned a couple of times in other posts. Hopefully it will be a relaxing break!
  3. Declutter! I’ve actually already started this but I’m having a huge clear out of my room and belongings. I have too much stuff!
  4. Make time for reading I love reading but I haven’t been doing much of it lately. I have a few new books on my Nook (e-reader similar to a Kindle!) and I got a new library card as I lost my old one. So now I just need to make the time, its better to be reading than spending hours and hours staring at my laptop right?
  5. Get back into my sleep routine My sleep routine had been going really well but over the last couple of weeks I’ve slipped out of it. This month I’m going to focus on getting back on track =)

Those are my goals for the month, what are yours?

Take care,

Hayley x


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