Self Esteem Challenge: Day 22

Day 22: Which of your skills or abilities to you pride yourself on?

Hmmm I’ve always been quite creative and imaginative so I guess I’ll go with that! It reminds me of something that happened when I was on holiday with my family. I must have been about 8 years old and one night the children’s entertainer called about 10 kids, including me, onto the stage. He gave each of us a long balloon and said we had 2 minutes to make something with it, the best one would win a prize. When our time was up, he asked each of us what we had made and got us to hold it up so everyone could see. This is how it went:

Entertainer: What have you made?

Child 1: A dog!

Child 2: A dog!

Child 3: A dog!

Everyone had made a dog. I was the last child.

Entertainer: I think I can guess what you have made. Is it a dog?

Me: No, its not a dog.

Entertainer: Oh! So what is it?

Me: I made a giraffe!

I held my creation up proudly and sure enough, it was a giraffe. It looked like the dogs the other kids had made but it had a really long neck! I won the prize and I remember jumping off the stage and running back to my family. My parents were laughing their heads off. My dad said “We didn’t know what you were making but we knew it wouldn’t be a dog! You never do the obvious thing, you always have to be creative.”

Its true. I remember one Halloween I made myself a headless horseman costume by making a papermache head to carry, cutting eye holes in an old skirt and filling the top with tissue paper blood. No cute devil/ghost/witch costume for me! I got laughed at but I didn’t care. I love being creative, its always been a part of who I am =)

What skill or ability do you pride yourself on?

Take care,

Hayley x


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