Self Esteem Challenge: Day 24

Day 24: Do you compare yourself to others? How can you be more focused on yourself?

I feel like I’ve already answered this question, there’s definitely a bit of repetition going on! I already mentioned this on Day 18 but when I was a teenager I used to compare myself to my friends and others a lot. Especially once my anxiety started, although I didn’t know it was anxiety at the time. I just thought I was going nuts and tried extra hard to fit in, to appear normal. I wanted everything about me to be the same as my friends! I don’t do it as much now. Maybe knowing it is anxiety that I have and that 5% of the UK population suffer from it makes me feel like less of an outsider? I do sometimes look at others that don’t have anxiety and wish that I could be “normal” like them. Surely that’s natural? But then again behind closed doors their lives may not be perfect either. How many people knew that I had anxiety before I told them? Nobody.

I try to remind myself that the only person I can ever be is myself. There is no point in wishing I was more like that person or that I looked more like Taylor Swift (When I was 16 I tried to dress like her, funnily enough it didn’t make me look anymore like her!) I still wish I had her hair but I never will so I might as well make the most of the hair I’ve got! Comparing ourselves to others is only natural but too much is unhealthy and unrealistic. I try my best to stay realistic =)

Take care,

Hayley x


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