Back to earth with a bump!

My cousins and brother visited this weekend. They live down south working and attending university and its been a long time since I last saw them. I cooked lasagne for 10 and it all went amazingly well. I had a great time and this afternoon when everyone was travelling home I tweeted that this weekend had been fantastic. I jinxed myself. I am now back to earth with a bump!

I have mentioned before that I have two part time jobs. They work very well for me, even though the pay is low and the hours are short, I love both jobs and they have been playing a big part in my recovery. Both jobs are now suspended until September. I found out yesterday morning that it seems the contract on my first job (escorting children with special needs to school in the back of a taxi) has not been renewed, the contract (infact ALL of the contracts) are going to different taxi firms, not the one I work with. They might get some of those contracts back in a few weeks if the new taxi firms aren’t able to fulfill them all but it looks unlikely right now. This was a blow but I wasn’t too concerned, I have my other job and I was having too good a time with my family to care that much. I was still having a great weekend.

Until a few hours ago. My 2nd job is babysitting for a friend of the family. It has been a bit unreliable as I found out in this post. But I really love this job. But it appears that I (or someone else, I don’t know!) has upset my boss. She has removed me, my dad and several other friends from Facebook and is in a huge mood. Do I still get to babysit? Doesn’t look like it! I don’t know what has happened, what is going on, whether its something I’ve done or anything. I’m waiting until the morning to text Boss and ask her straight out if I’ve upset her and if I need to look for another job. She is at work right now (kids are on holiday) and is refusing to speak to my dad who is a customer. I hope she will be feeling calmer in the morning. My mind is going crazy at the moment, I don’t know what has happened!

I’ll be honest, I’m struggling right now. It looks like I have lost both my jobs in less than 48 hours! I’m only just managing not to cry as I type. My hands are shaking, breathing is become faster and ragged. Just when I thought that reducing my medication was going really well! I’m reminding myself of my Commandments especially 3. I can handle it. I don’t feel like it right now but tomorrow I will pull myself together, text Boss and if necessary look for another job.

But right now I’m going to get into bed and cry.


9 thoughts on “Back to earth with a bump!

  1. What the what? I am so, so sorry this all hit at once. Hopefully employer 2 gets over her snit to let you get back to work until you can work for someone more stable.

    ((hugs)) cry it out tonight, stand strong tomorrow. I am always around if you need to talk more.

    • Thank you =) I’ve told myself I can cry tonight but in the morning I have to get up and get on with it. If that means retyping my CV and looking for another job then so be it!

      • I know that I am here and you are there but if you need any help with that, let me know. ((more hugs))

      • Thank you =) I contacted her, things aren’t any clearer but she was talking to me at least. I’m doing the CV anyway, asking myself if I want to keep working for her if she can just flip out like that.

  2. Oh Hayley! I feel so sad for you just wanna give you a great big giant hug and some of my chocolates.
    I really hate Facebook and this just confirms a lot which is wrong with it. People using blocking, deleting instead of communication. :/

    I hope you get some clarity tomorrow.


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