Progress report: Reducing meds

It has been nearly three weeks since I started taking a lower dose of my meds. If you need to catch up, the original post is here. After the first week I had a couple of rough days but apart from that I’ve been doing well. Before I started the lower dose I worried that the progress I have made over the last few months was down to the medication, not me. I can see now that it isn’t just the meds, I’ve changed too. Two events happened over the last weekend that made me see this:

  • On Friday evening me and my mam drove 10 miles in a thunderstorm to collect my brother from the train station. At midnight. His train should have arrived at 10pm but flooding in Yorkshire meant his train had to keep stopping and go a longer way round. I didn’t have to go to pick him up but I knew my mam would appreciate having someone else in the car with her. I was actually really calm and sang along to the radio most of the way there =)
  • Over the course of the weekend I seem to have lost both of my jobs. Part 1 of this story is here and part 2 is here. I haven’t got much more to say about that right now.

This time last year I wouldn’t have been able to cope with all of this and I was on the higher dose of my meds. I should be proud of that, I’m not right now but maybe in a couple of days when its sunk in. Yesterday I calmly explained what had happened to my therapist without bursting into tears, I am proud of myself for that! We talked it through and I feel better for it. All I can do is accept that life doesn’t go smoothly and believe that everything happens for a reason. Head up, deep breath and get on with it!

So moving forward, the plan is:

  • Keep doing what I’m doing
  • Don’t let the job situation bring me down
  • Enjoy my holiday (I’m going away for a few days with a friend)
  • Keep up the self care (eat well, plenty of sleep etc)
  • SMILE! Life goes on

And to illustrate my last point

Take care,

Hayley x


2 thoughts on “Progress report: Reducing meds

  1. Lots of breakthroughs, especially with some of the things that have come up so recently! You are doing great, keep staying aware of how you feel in the moment and rock on!

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