Little Steps for September

I can’t believe it is September already! Before I explain this months steps, here is how I got on in August:

  1. Write a list of personal Commandments I did this and the post is here =)
  2. Have a nice break I went away with my friend S for a few days and we had a good time. The weather wasn’t great but it was nice to get away for a bit!
  3. Declutter! I sent three huge bags full of clothes and books to a local charity shop. Its great to have more space in my wardrobe and draws =)
  4. Make time for reading I have been reading a lot during August, I’ve finished three books and I have plenty more to read!
  5. Get back into my sleep routine This is ongoing but I’m getting there.

My Little Steps for September are:

  1. Try meditation. I’ve always been intrigued by meditation, time I tried it out for myself!
  2. Get back into baking. Its been a while since I baked something and I have been really inspired by Great British Bake Off so I’m going to get back into it. Watch out for some new recipes soon =)
  3. Go to the cinema. Its not a big deal for most people but cinemas make me nervous. But I’m ready to face that fear!

Those are my Little Steps, what are your goals for September?

Hayley x


5 thoughts on “Little Steps for September

  1. I love the setting little goals for each month, I’m going to think about this one …going to the movies is a good one, I haven’t tried since my last breakdown- please make sure to let us know how it goes!

  2. You’re doing great – Good luck with your September challenges – look forward to photographic evidence of the baking challenge 🙂 yum yum!

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