Sing a sad song just to turn it around

The title of this post is a line from the song above. This isn’t a sad song. In fact its a brilliant, positive song that was a big part of my life in my teenage years. This song came out in 2005, around the same time my anxiety and panic attacks started. There were a couple of embarrassing incidents at school where my anxiety lead to me throwing up very publicly. This song is the reason I kept going to school instead of feigning illness and hiding under my duvet. I would listen to this song and I could actually feel it soothe my nerves. Every time I had a panic attack and was wondering what the hell was wrong with me, I would say “You just had a bad day but tomorrow will be better.” and start singing the song. It got me through my remaining school years. The video is really sweet too =)

I’m posting this today because I looked up the song and played it again. Its been a few years. But yesterday was terrible and I’m still feeling really low today. If you missed it and want to catch up, yesterday’s post is here. I suddenly remembered how soothing the song was when I was 14 and I wanted to find it and listen to it again. I needed comfort so I downloaded the song and I’ve listened to it a couple of times. I feel much better already! Yes yesterday was awful but that has passed now, my mam is home and resting and is going to be ok. I need to pull myself together and move on.

I had a bad day but tomorrow will be better.

Take care,

Hayley x 


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