Medication update

I saw my doctor yesterday, it was a follow up appointment to talk about how I’m getting on with reducing my meds. When I reduced the first time it went really well but when I reduced them again…It’s no secret that the last few weeks have been difficult for me. I was hoping to keep reducing them but it’s not going to happen. I’ve been struggling, especially late at night when I can’t sleep. I explained this to the doctor and he prescribed me trazodone to help me sleep. So I’m going to stay on my current dose of propanalol and hope that once I’m sleeping better I’ll feel better in myself.

I also saw my therapist yesterday. I told him about my doctors appointment. I also explained that coming off my meds was on my bucketlist but that I’m not going to pursue it anymore. Sure I could force myself to keep going so I can say “I’ve done it!!! Tick it off the list!” But at what cost? I would have gotten myself into a state just so I could tick something off my list! That would be plain stupid so I’m drawing a line, I’m sticking to my current dose. I’ll leave “Come off medication” on my bucket list, I might try again in the future but for now it’s off the cards. My therapist said he thought that was sensible thing to do and its good that I’m putting my health first. He also asked about other things on my list and suggested that I add smaller things that I know I will enjoy so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming. He pointed out that not everything On my list has to be a big challenge, the important thing is that it will effect my wellbeing. He is right, I’d overlooked that. So I’ll be adapting my bucketlist very soon! Time to make it more fun! 🙂

Take care,
Hayley x


3 thoughts on “Medication update

  1. But also realize, reducing for good can also be on the modified bucket list. I know everyone is different, and I guess I look to myself or Matthew as examples of people who likely will be on SOMETHING for the rest of our lives. That’s just us though. Either way, I am glad you are working with your doctor and therapist on goals and keeping them informed.


    • Thanks Sheena 🙂 It will still be on my list but I’m not going to pursue it right now. My therapist made a good point, the things on the list are to help my wellbeing as well as reduce my anxiety, they don’t all have to be big scary challenges. I’m going to try to make it more fun 🙂

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