Little steps for October

This post is going to be a little different to other months. Normally I would recap last months steps before I set my goals for October. That’s a bit difficult seeing as I scrapped my steps for September when I took my blogging break. Everything was getting on top of me so I decided to forget about them and try again in October. So I’ve modified last months goals and added an extra one.

  1. Try meditation. I’ve always been intrigued by meditation, time I tried it out for myself!
  2. Get back into baking. I did start this in September and I plan to keep going. Watch out for some new recipes soon =)
  3. Revamp my Anxiety Bucket List. I explained in yesterdays post that I talked to my therapist about my Bucket List. He suggested that I add some things that I know I will enjoy, to make it less daunting. My therapist made made a good point, the things on the list are to help my well-being as well as reduce my anxiety, they don’t all have to be big scary challenges. I’m going to try to make it more fun!

Those are my goals for the month. What are yours?

Hayley x


4 thoughts on “Little steps for October

  1. I forget, do you have a smartphone? If so, there are a few good quick, guided meditation apps for when you are pressed for time or need the quick break.

    My goal for October right now is just to get through it. I am majorly stressed and have too much going on to think straight at the moment.

    Baking sounds good, especially in the fall. Fresh bread and such? Yum!

    • Yeah I have a smartphone, I’ll have a look =)

      I hope this is a good month for you ❤ *hugs*
      I haven't tried bread yet but would love to give it a go! Is there a better smell in the world than freshly baked bread?

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