Little steps for November

Unfortunately I’m a day late with this post. Sorry about that, its been a busy weekend! Here’s how I got on with my steps for October:

  1. Try meditation. I still haven’t tried this. I don’t even have a decent excuse but I hope to give meditation a try at a later date.
  2. Get back into baking. I did get back into baking this month. I tried a few new recipes and really enjoyed the process (as well as the products!)
  3. Revamp my Anxiety Bucket List. I did revamp my bucket list, the new page is here.

My little steps are going to be a bit different this month. Its my birthday this month and I’ve decided to start a new project to make my 24th year a really good one! This will change the format of my little steps posts. So for now…

Little steps for November:

  1. Launch new project. More details will be revealed soon!

A very short one this month! What are your goals for November?

Hayley x


2 thoughts on “Little steps for November

  1. Short list, but still a lot of activity involved behind it!

    Goal: Get through November and not give in to holiday pressure 🙂

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