Ticking off: Do a fun run for charity

I’m dropping in to tick another item off my Bucket list =) Although to be completely honest I did this last week, I just hadn’t got around to blogging about it!

Its kind of appropriate that I am posting this on Remembrance Sunday because the fun run was for the Poppy Appeal. It was a 5km run, admittedly I walked most of it but I finished and it was a lot of fun! Such a worthy cause too.

I don’t normally post photos of me but here is my proof that I actually did this =)


Take care,

Hayley x


6 thoughts on “Ticking off: Do a fun run for charity

  1. Well done Hayley. It doesn’t matter how you got to the end. It is fact that you did it that counts. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as the Poppy Run. Is it a national thing?

    • Thanks Jo =)

      I know there was quite a few in England, I’m not sure about the rest of the UK. Apparently they have been going the last couple of years but this is the 1st one I’ve heard of.

  2. Hooray! Glad you did it, now on to the next one, right?

    I was wondering how you were doing, glad to see so far so good 🙂

    • Thanks Sheena =)

      Yeah I’ve been going AWOL again, I am still here. I’ve been working on my new project that I’ll be starting on my birthday (Saturday!) Hope you are doing well? I need to catch up with your blog! =)

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