Ticking off: Visit a Christmas market

I ticked a pretty big goal off my bucket list this weekend! As many of you will already know, it was my birthday on Saturday and I went to Leeds with a friend. It was mainly a shopping trip but I also wanted to visit the huge Christmas Market, I had never been to a proper Christmas market before! We had a good time but stupidly I didn’t take any photos… So here is one that I have borrowed from a Leeds tourism site.


Source: http://leeds-list.com/food-and-drink/the-german-market-returns-to-leeds/

It was a great experience but I did have a couple of issues. We had a look around the market when we first got to Leeds but because we had a full days shopping ahead we decided to come back at the end of the day to make our purchases. We returned several hours later and the crowds were horrific! It was really difficult to get from one side of the market to the other and I don’t cope well with crowds. We couldn’t physically get to the stalls that we wanted so we decided to give up and visit again the next morning, before we went home. We eventually fought our way back out of the market and went to Burger King for dinner. Unfortunately by this point my anxiety levels had risen too far. I sat in Burger King visibly shaking and feeling too sick to risk eating my meal. In the end I shoved my food into a carrier bag and just drank my drink while my friend finished hers. I desperately wanted to get out of the city centre and back to the hotel but I didn’t know if we would be able to get a taxi straight away. Luckily we did and once we were in our room I managed to calm myself down enough to eat. I still felt anxious and being away from home didn’t help but I managed. I had a panic attack but I dealt with it and didn’t let it ruin the trip. I am proud of myself for that =)

Take care,

Hayley x


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