Clutter, what clutter?

My Happiness Project is now under way. If you don’t know or need reminding, this month’s focus is on Personal Space. My aims for the month are:

  • Declutter. I am going to go through my room, my drawers, my wardrobe and get rid of anything thats broken, doesn’t fit or that I don’t use. There’s something very satisfying about decluttering!
  • Organise. Everything that I keep will be sorted and organised. Day to day life is so much easier when you can find things!
  • Refresh room. My room was redecorated a couple of years ago, there is nothing wrong with it but I think a new quilt cover and a couple of new photo frames would freshen it up. I spend a lot of time in my room, so I might as well make it a nice place to be.

After throwing 3 binliners of rubbish in the bin and sending 2 bags of clothes to the clothes bank, the declutter stage is finally done! I can see the back wall of my wardrobe for the first time in years! I was brutal, if it didn’t fit, was broken or I haven’t worn it in in the last year, it went in the bin! I then went through all my drawers, the storage boxes under my bed, the stuff spread on my desk and the piles of random things on the floor. It took a while…




With the decluttering done, I decided to spend today dusting, hovering and changing the bedclothes (because they ended up covered in dust thanks to the first two steps!) Its been a long week but I feel good for doing it. Hopefully in the future I’ll keep on top of the cleaning and clutter so that it doesn’t end up being such a huge job but I’m not promising anything! I know me too well lol =P




Tomorrow I’m going to go through everything that I’ve kept and sort/organise it all so that I can find things when I’m looking for them… Something I struggle with at the moment! I’m not one of those super organised people who have everything neat and tidy and know exactly where everything is. I never will be but I have felt a lot of satisfaction for what I have done so far. I have 7 days to complete all my aims for November and I’m pretty close. I’m already enjoying my Happiness Project, even though its meant a lot of work this week! I can’t wait to wrap up this month and move on to December =)


Sorry for all the quotes and pics today but they made me laugh! Hope they gave you a giggle too!

Take care,

Hayley x


2 thoughts on “Clutter, what clutter?

  1. This is wonderful!!! I want to organize so bad and just get rid if everything, but motivation has been low. Sounds like you are doing awesome and I am feeling kind if motivated now! 😉

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