Stronger Together

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I was lying in bed flicking through blog posts on my phone. I decided to go back to February/March and look at some of my early blog posts. A lot has changed since then, I feel like I’m almost a different person! There’s one thing that hasn’t changed though, the more posts I read the more obvious it became. Even in the early days I was given a lot of support from people I didn’t know, both on the blog and on Twitter. These people were strangers and in some cases, thousands of miles away but as I flicked through the blog posts there they were! They were with me through the good days and the bad days and although I still haven’t met any of them, I’m proud to call them friends. There’s too many people to list but you know who you are!

So why the support? Why have I been given more support online from these wonderful people I’ve never met than from my own family? Its simple. We understand each other. We are all going through the same kind of battles every day, so we don’t need to explain ourselves to each other, we just get it. My family will never understand on that kind of level because they haven’t experienced MH conditions themselves. Even though I feel so lonely and isolated in my own home with my family around me, I hope that they never understand. I don’t want them to experience this. I would rather they were safe in blissful ignorance and I remained the outcast. This is why the online MH community is so important. We get each other, we can advise and support each other. We play so many roles online, agony aunt, cheerleader, hand holder, empathiser, friend. Our community is awesome and I’m proud to be part of it!

Take care,

Hayley x


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