Happiness Project: January

Happy New Year! December was the first full month of my Happiness Project and I think it went pretty well. My resolutions for December were:

  • Give thanks. I kept a gratitude journal throughout December. Admittedly sometimes my posts were late or I did a few days together but December is a busy month!
  • Notice the little things. This also tied in with my gratitude journal. Looking back through the posts I think that keeping a gratitude journal helped me notice the little things we take for granted, as well as the bigger things.
  • Give something back. I wanted to do something charitable as Christmas is the season of good will! I bought a few toys for my local toy appeal, which gives toys to children who are in care or live in poverty and otherwise wouldn’t get anything for Christmas. Its just a small thing but knowing it would make a big difference for those children made me feel good. I’ve attached a photo below as proof =)
  • Get into the spirit. I think I did okay Christmas spirit wise but I’ll try to improve next yearIMG_0254

January is the month of new beginnings so I’ve decided to focus on Attitude, particularly energy. Ironically I felt anything but energetic when I woke up at 6:45am this morning, having had less than 5 hours sleep and couldn’t dose off again! In the end I got up for a couple of hours then had a mid-morning nap and woke up feeling a lot better. My resolutions may sound a bit silly but I hope they’ll work. This month I am going to:

  • Sing in the shower. Don’t laugh! I love showers and I love singing when other people can’t hear me, so this makes sense to me. Now I just need to think of some energetic songs to sing… Eye of the Tiger from Rocky?
  • Act more energetic. Even when I don’t feel like it! Act the way I want to feel right?
  • Smile and laugh out loud. This ties in with acting more energetic, I’m going to make an effort to smile more this month!
  • Be generous with thanks and praise. I think that making other people feel good too is important. Also making other people feel good normally makes me feel good too so its a double win.

Now if you’ll excuse, I’m going in the shower =P

Take care,

Hayley x


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