Book Club in April: Exciting Announcement!

Book Club is back for April and we have an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to join us this month! We have been approached by the brains behind a newly released, illustrated book based on anxiety. They have very kindly provided us with an exclusive PDF copy for free. Everyone who takes part in Book Club in April will be emailed the PDF. This is a great opportunity to be among the first people to read the book and for the first time at Book Club, your kids can join in! This short illustrated book is suitable for all ages, so ideal if your children have anxiety or a great way to explain your anxiety to your children.

So what book is it? Well I’m going to release the name (and the books twitter account!) in a few days. If you want to be first in the know, DM me your email address on Twitter @CalmKitchen and I will email you the book on April 1st (Don’t worry if you haven’t signed up by then, I will continue to send the PDF up until Friday 17th April.) The live Twitter chat will be 5pm UK time Sunday 19th April (new day and time as many members couldn’t make Saturday evenings) The books authors will be interested in any feedback we can give them, both during the live Twitter chat and through our book reviews for those of us who blog them.

So to sum up, if you want to take part in Book Club this month for free (No need to go out and buy a book!) then send me your email address. Myself, Alex and Rose are very excited that Book Club have been offered this opportunity!

Hope you will join us for Book Club in April,

Hayley x


2 thoughts on “Book Club in April: Exciting Announcement!

  1. Hi Hayley,

    What a really exciting opportunity.

    Well done to Alex, Rose and yourself for managing to secure the chance to read a brand new book.

    I shall definitely be signing up to read this one.

    Really looking forward to it


    • Thanks Jo =) Although to be honest we didn’t really do anything, the authors approached us. Its a great opportunity for Book Club!

      Take care,

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