Stepping out of the kitchen

Its been almost two and a half years since I wrote my first post, titled “Stepping into the kitchen”. A lot has changed since then:

  • I discovered an online community of people who understand me, who have mental health conditions and who have supported and helped me, even though we have never met. Many of whom have become friends.
  • Through these people and this community, I have come to understand my anxiety better and realise that I’m not the only one, not by a long shot!
  • I’ve made and tried various plans and strategies to help me control or reduce my anxiety. Some helped and some didn’t but I learnt a lot from the process.
  • I’ve pushed myself to do things that I was afraid of and I’ve ticked a lot of things off my bucket list.
  • Recently I managed to do one of the most major things on my bucket list, I reduced my medication and then came off it altogether. Its still early days, I’ve been completely off meds for about 3 weeks. So far its going well.
  • I’ve realised that although anxiety will always be a part of me, it doesn’t have to define me. I’m not just my anxiety, I have other interests and dreams and aspirations!

Which is why I’ve decided to step away from Calm Kitchen. I’m still going to blog and tweet but I’m going to do it on another blog. A fresh start. I’ll still post about anxiety and mental health but it won’t be my only focus. I’m going to rewrite my bucket list and keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I hope you’ll join me at but if you don’t I understand. Calm Kitchen will stay online but I won’t be updating it any more.

Take care,

Hayley x


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